McGuire AFB Airshow

May 31-June 1, 2008

McGuire AFB, NJ

By Mike Sherba


      Air Force week in Philadelphia came to a close on Sunday June 1st with the airshow at McGuire AFB.  The show had a great lineup with the USAF Thunderbirds as the finale.  Team McGuire put on an impressive display.  They performed flybys with a KC135, a KC10, and a C17.  The C17 also did its full demo as well as dropping thirty members of the 82nd Airborne.  The USAF F15E Strike Eagle team tore up the place with an impressive and LOUD demo.  The F16 Viper East demo team showed off the impressive capabilities of their plane.  The heritage flight consisted of the F15, F16, and a P51.  Dale "Snort" Snodgrass piloted the P51 for the heritage flight.  Snort's flying is impressive and sometimes frightening.  I've never seen a pilot fly so low to the ground intentionally.  The man must have nerves of steel.  There was a fantastic demo by a T33 vintage Thunderbird.  The plane is beautifully restored and a dream to watch.  The US Navy made an appearance with the FA18C Demo.  The FA18 then performed a Tailhook Legacy flight with the Atlantic Airpower Museum's F4U.  The GEICO Skytypers performed with 5 ships.  Their SNJs are impressive as is their precision flying.  Herb and Ditto performed their smoke ring aerobatics.  The T28 is fun to watch and the smoke system is impressive.  Dr. Smoke and his SF260 performed with another impressive smoke system.  Dr. Smokes system can trail multi colored smoke.  Matt Chapman performed his precision aerobatics and raced the Air Force Reserve's Jet car.  Redstar and Dragon with their beautiful L29s put on a great show.  Jerry "Thud" Conley and Andy "Whitesnake" Anderson put their jets through their paces and perform a dogfight.  All-in-all it was a great show.

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