Hangar 24 Airfest 2019

Discussion relating to 2019 airshows/fly-ins/exercises/other events. Post news before the event and post your photos afterwards! Please create only one thread per event.
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Hangar 24 Airfest 2019

Post by GRNDP51 » Mon May 13, 2019 6:36 pm

Hangar 24 Airfest 2019
Redlands, CA
May 17th & 18th, 2019



USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo
USAF Heritage Flight (featuring Planes of Fame's P-40!)
USN VFA-122 F/A-18 Super Hornet Legacy Demo (featuring the FJ-4 Fury)
USAF F-15's from Fresno's 144th Fighter Wing *Tentative*
USAF T-38's from Beale AFB
USAF C-17/KC-135 (March ARB)
USAF C-17 Demo (Altus, OK)
USAF KC-135 Demo (Altus, OK)
USMC MV-22 Osprey Flyover/Demo (MCAS Miramar)
USN UH-60 Blackhawk S&R Demo

TA-4J Skyhawk Demo by Jerod Flohr (Skyhawk 514)
Ace Maker Airshows 'Ace Maker III' flown by Scratch
CAF SoCal 'Blue Angels Tribute' featuring the F6F Hellcat & F8F Bearcat
CAF SoCal PBJ (B-25)
Grove Aero x SwissTrax Lancair Super Legacy demo
Scott Farnsworth DASH L-39GXT Super Albatross
Tony Higa- Pitts Special
John Melby- Muscle Pitts
Red Eagles Formation Team
Vicky Benzing- Stearman Aerobatics
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Post by GRNDP51 » Mon May 13, 2019 6:42 pm

To keep the initial post clean, I will comment here.

I am really looking forward to this! I was hesitant when the headliner was the A-10 (as they had the CF-18 and Viper demo last year), but they definitely made up for it with military and civilian performers.

Curious to see the C-17 and KC-135 demo's, March ARB has had their C-17 do plenty of demo's in CA, I am hoping this will be similar to what it was in the past.
*Recently found out that the "actual" demo teams from Altus will be performing in the C-17 and KC-135. March ARB will be supplying the heavies for the opening flyover.

The schedule also lists Fresno's F-15's as a "sneak attack" and I'm fingers crossed that means some sneak up from behind burners blazing type of entrance!! They were there last year and did some nice low approaches and formation passes, but it would be awesome to one-up that!

First demo by Skyhawk 514 under it's new ownership! Always a treat to see the Scooter.

Legacy demo is VFA-122 that performed at Melbourne. Hoping that their performance is generally the same (2 Hornets, along with some passes and a carrier break).

A special recently confirmed demo by Miramar's Osprey! Pretty special to get an Osprey demo nowadays.

And awesome for me to see, 2 Reno Air Race planes!!

Altogther with the Hellcat and Bearcat the show is gonna have 4 of the past/current Blue Angel aircraft performing! Pretty sweet 8-)
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Post by GRNDP51 » Thu May 16, 2019 6:32 pm

Little bit of a schedule update.

The recently announced Miramar Osprey "demo" is listed on the schedule as "Osprey Flyovers", not sure the context of that yet.

The T-38's were officially added as an opening ceremonies flyover.

CAF SoCal's PBJ was added alongside their F6F and F8F.

Only takeaway was the Fresno F-15 "Sneak Attack" was removed, but I read they were very excited to come again and THEY actually asked H24 if they could perform this year, not vice versa. I'm hoping that they took it off the schedule as it's supposed to be a "Sneak Attack" and it'll add some fun if it's off the list of performers and they show up burners blazing out of the blue! 8-)

Should be a fun weekend!
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