Patrouille de France 2018 schedule

Find out where your favorite performers will be! Be sure to check schedules for updates as they are always subject to change. Also post year-related performer information, such as music lists.
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Patrouille de France 2018 schedule

Post by Adam » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:46 pm

Some events not yet specified, so I've just included the place name. Major events in bold.

Just one event is noted on the schedule as being for more than one day, so we'll have to see how that pans out as I doubt that's right.

May 1: BA701 Salon-de-Provence, France
May 9: BA701 Salon-de-Provence, France
May 12: Meeting Aérien Gap-Tallard, Gap, France
May 19: Lourdes, France
May 20: La Ferté-Alais Meeting Aérien: Le Temps des Hélices, La Ferté-Alais, France
May 21: Villeneuv'Air Show, Villeneuve, France
May 26: Pamiers, France
May 27: Duxford Air Festival, IWM Duxford, England, UK
Jun 1: Frejus, France
Jun 2: Montauban, France
Jun 9: 75 aniversario de la Academia General del Aire, BA San Javier, Murcia, Spain
Jun 15: Brionne, France
Jun 17: Meeting de l'Air d’Evreux, BA105 Evreux-Fauville, France
Jun 24: Le Castellet, France
Jun 30: Meeting de l'Air de Nancy, BA133 Nancy-Ochey, France
Jul 1: Roderen, France
Jun 3: Bellaria Igea Marina Airshow, Bellaria Igea, Italy
Jul 7: Albertville, France
Jul 8: Eurock, France
Jul 9: Le Grande Motte, France
Jul 14: Bastille Day, Paris, France (flypast)
Jul 14: St. Quentin, France*
Jul 14: Epern'Airshow, Épernay-Plovot, France
Jul 14: Meeting Aérien Valenciennes, Valenciennes, France*
Jul 19: Adge, France
Jul 21: Anglet, France
Jul 22: Meeting aérien à Pornic, Plage de Noëleillard, France
Jul 26: Show Aérien Palavas les Flots, Palavas-les-Flots, France
Aug 10-22: Meeting Fly Courchevel, Courchevel 1850, France
Aug 12: Fête aérienne St Cyprien, St-Cyprien, France
Aug 15: Spectacle Aérien Toulon, Plage de Mourillon, France
Aug 25: Perros Guirec, Plage de Trestraou, France
Sep 1: Slovak International Air Fest, Sliač, Slovakia
Sep 8: Fête de l'Air de l'Aérodrome Les Mureaux, Mureaux-Verneuil, France
Sep 8-9: Paris Villaroche Air Legend, Melun-Villaroche, France
Sep 9: Meeting Aérien du Centenaire de la 1er Guerre, Maubeuge-Elesmes, France
Sep 15: Festival aérien Cervolix, Gergovie, France
Sep 16: Le Touquet, France
Sep 16: Flandres Lys Airshow - Meeting Aérien, Merville-Callonne, France
Sep 22: Coupe Icare, St-Hilaire du Touvet, France
Sep 29: Meeting Aérien - 50e anniversaire Aérodrome de la Vèze, Besancon, France
Sep 30: Colmar Air Legend, Colmar-Houssen, France

*I'm guessing St. Quentin and/or Eperney might be a flypast? The PAF don't usually do more than one show per day.
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