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TIF airshow documentaries

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:40 pm
by Adam
Hi all, some of you may know I've done a couple of collaboration videos with AirshowStuff, including the documentary-style reviews of AirVenture which have proved popular in the past couple of years. If you haven't seen them, here is the most recent one:

That's a style of video I've enjoyed making for some time on my own channel, but in the past few months I've started to take it a little more seriously and my intention is to produce a series of 6+ such films each year from now on. So, if you've been enjoying the Oshkosh videos on AirshowStuff, you might enjoy the six other films in my 2018 "series", which I have recently finished making. They are:

Ep.1 | The Royal International Air Tattoo | United Kingdom | 90 minutes [incl. cockpit features] >>>
Ep.2 | The Jersey International Air Display | Jersey | 30 minutes [4K] >>>
Ep.3 | The Zhengzhou Airshow | China | 40 minutes >>>
Ep.4 | Wings Over Baltics | Latvia | 30 minutes >>>
Ep.5 | Portugal Air Summit | Portugal | 20 minutes >>>
Ep.6 | Midlands Air Festival | United Kingdom | 20 minutes >>>

My aim is to convey the character of each event by showing highlights of most individual acts to give viewers an impression what it was like to attend each event. With the narration, I have tried to strike a balance between being informative while not annoying those who want to hear the sound of the aircraft.

The 2019 series will include several UK shows and a small handful in mainland Europe, all in 4K. I'm also planning to have a couple from the US as well - and should be joined by an American voice for the commentary. I'll post them here as they are released, the first is due in late May.

Feedback is very welcome and I'd love to hear if you enjoyed them.

Re: TIF airshow documentaries

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:58 pm
by Tzman
You already know I like these videos, but I like them more each time. I really hope we get enough footage to do something similar for this side of the globe.

Re: TIF airshow documentaries

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 9:14 am
by Adam
Hi all, now we're in the depths of winter, I hope you might enjoy a little online airshow action from my 2019 series of airshow films from around the world. This year there are 9 episodes, each covering a different event, spanning 7 countries and featuring a grand total of 91 seperate displays. I've tried to give a flavour of each event and of a dozen or so of its most memorable performances in each case. I particularly recommend the second half of the season, from Ep.5 onwards. Trailer and episode list below. It's over three hours of viewing in all!

Ep.1: Abingdon Air & Country Show (UK) - 20 mins feat. Rich Goodwin, RAF Tucano & HAAF ... ntry-show/
Ep. 2: Midlands Air Festival (UK) - 20 mins feat. Team Raven & Stampe Formation Team ... -festival/
Ep. 3: Barksdale AFB Defenders of Liberty Airshow (USA) - 20 mins feat. USAF F-35A & CF Snowbirds ... y-airshow/ - filmed by & featuring Tim Passmore
Ep. 4: Portugal Air Summit (Portugal) - 20 mins feat. Team Raven ... ir-summit/ - featuring Alex Prins
Ep. 5: Shuttleworth Military Airshow (UK) - 20 mins feat. Hurricane 7-ship ... y-airshow/
Ep. 6: Gdynia AeroBaltic (Poland) - 30 mins feat. the Saudi Hawks, UkrAF Su-27 & PoAF Su-22 ... erobaltic/ - with drone footage by Alex Prins
Ep. 7: Festa al Cel (Spain) - 20 mins feat. Patrulla Aspa, EdA EF-18 & EdT Tiger ... ta-al-cel/
Ep. 8: Sichuan Airshow (China) - 20 mins feat. the Baltic Bees & Global Stars ... n-airshow/ - with cockpit footage
Ep. 9: Edinburgh Airshow (Australia) - 20 mins feat. the Roulettes, RAAF F-35 & RAAF F/A-18 ... h-airshow/ - filmed by Nigel Woolley