World Championship Air Race

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World Championship Air Race

Post by Adam » Fri Mar 06, 2020 6:45 pm

Recently a website was launched for the World Championship Air Race, the successor to the Red Bull Air Race which was the subject of quite a bit of speculation a month or two back.

The website gives some interesting details, namely:
  • The first season will run from December 2020 until Q3 2021. That timeframe implies that a significent number of equatorial/southern hemisphere races are planned.
  • Races are promised in ten countries spanning four continents. RBAR frequented North America, Europe and Asia, but it also held races in Australia and South America on occasion, so it's likely one of those is on the cards.
  • The website says 36 pilots will take part. Even assuming all 14 Masterclass and 12 Challenger Class pilots participate (which is unlikely), that's still a big intake of new pilots. So far we know Dario Costa is involved, and Kirby Chambliss and Ben Murphy have indicated interest.
It's fantastic to see the sport returning so quickly, with big ambitions in its first year! Hopefully it's not long until we find out some of the destinations and competitors!
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