Trojan Horsemen T-28 Team Retires

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Trojan Horsemen T-28 Team Retires

Post by RyanS » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:26 pm

In a post on Facebook, the Trojan Horsemen T-28 formation team announced that they will be retiring from airshows.

Here's the FB post and the text in case you can't read that:

After 14 years of traveling the country and Performing for millions of Aviation fans we sadly announce our retirement.

The mounting challenges of reliably fielding a six-ship Team of T-28's in a professional manner while maintaining proficiency, safety and our brand , have forced the premature retirement of the team.

We would like to thank all the airshow producers who honored us by allowing us to perform at your show, as well as our fans and friends in the air show community.

We sincerely hope that our patriotic message successfully touched your lives and made a positive difference. We have enjoyed every minute of sharing our historic aircraft with you.
Literally two posts lower in my feed, the new Trojan Thunder team was promoting their availability in 2018. I am curious how much overlap there might be, aside from the names.
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Ryan Sundheimer

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Post by kalamazookid » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:51 pm

Sorry to see the Trojan Horsemen go. They were one of my favorite acts. Got to see them fly three times last year.

I'm guessing there will be quite a bit of overlap with Trojan Thunder, though I would guess that most of the aircraft and pilots that make up the new team will be from the same general locale ... although their website seems to indicate otherwise.
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Bretten Bailey
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Post by Bretten Bailey » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:52 pm

We had been talking with them about Battle Creek when we got word of their retirement. This was already after Trojan Thunder announced they would become a team, and I was wondering if maybe the Horsemen were simply switching names. Then we got the official call three weeks ago that Trojan Horsemen were retiring. Then my brain got working. We hadn't reached out to Trojan Thunder so I'm not sure how it checks out.

Trojan Horsemen was a great act, pilots were great and will certainly be missed.
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