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Re: Singapore Airshow 2020

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:33 am
by Adam
A roundup of some of the displays over the past week...

August 1st flew on three of the show days - strangely the smoke colours seemed to change each time!

The Apache duo and F-15SG flew some impressive three-ship manoeuvres

The F-15SG made liberal use of flares throughout the routine

The USMC F-35B put on short displays each day, consisting of a few fast passes and a hovering demonstration

The F-22A flew every day. Sadly the clouds weren't high enough for its full routine most of the time, but it did manage its full routine on the public weekend.

A short show (just two acts in each of the aerial display sessions during the public weekend, plus a B-52 flypast on Saturday) but some very unique moments as you can see.

Re: Singapore Airshow 2020

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:02 am
by Adam
20 minutes of highlights!