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Vicky Benzing 2020 Schedule

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 4:30 am
by n33d4sp33d_85
Vicky Benzing recently released her 2020 schedule on her website. Here's a look at where she'll be performing.

February 29: Mountain View, CA
March 14: NAF El Centro, CA
March 21-22: Lancaster, CA
March 28-29: March ARB, CA
May 9-10: Beale AFB, CA
June 6-7: Salinas, CA
June 8-13: Reno, NV [Formation Clinic & Pylon Racing Seminar]
June 20: Moses Lake, WA
July 4: Tacoma, WA
July 4-5: Gig Harbor, WA
July 18: Boundary Bay Airport, BC, Canada
July 20-26: Oshkosh, WI
August 15-16: Camarillo, CA
September 16-20: Reno, NV [National Championship Air Races]
September 26-27: MCAS Miramar, CA
October 3-4: Point Mugu, CA
October 17-18: Santa Maria, CA

Updated as of 1/18/2020