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AirshowStuff has a new web store!

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:16 am
by RyanS
I am excited to announce that we have transitioned our web store from Teespring to Spreadshirt and the storefront is now live!

Spreadshirt should offer better quality and the ability to order multiple items without separate shipping. Their customer service has always been great to me.

We have never focused on selling things, but this store is a good way to fund some of our operations and showcase some of the cool designs we have come up with. If it proves to be a sustainable success, I expect we will add more designs over time. There are many additional products that aren't included by default, but let me know if you want one (a tank top or V-neck tee for example) and I can add them.

You can access the store from the menu bar above or this direct link:

For the launch we have activated a '20% off everything' promo which you can apply to your cart. There will also be a free shipping promo starting July 26th, so plan accordingly!

Re: AirshowStuff has a new web store!

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2021 3:10 pm
by RyanS
Everything in our Spreadshirt store is 25% off today only - including this awesome new camo A-10 shirt design plus our other shirts, posters, and stickers!

Re: AirshowStuff has a new web store!

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2022 9:17 pm
by RyanS
FYI for anyone interested, the store has a sale going on right now for 15% off your order plus free shipping!

We also just added this awesome airplane Christmas tree design on shirts and sweatshirts so it's a great time to get it to show off at parties :)