DO NOT Request Media Credentials Under The AirshowStuff Name

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DO NOT Request Media Credentials Under The AirshowStuff Name

Post by RyanS » Tue May 08, 2018 12:18 am

I am quite disappointed to have to write this, but today I was extremely surprised and angry to receive word that someone requested media credentials at an airshow by claiming to shoot for AirshowStuff.

I have never heard of this person, and certainly did not approve of any credential request. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they are a member of these forums and I assume that was the reason they brought us into it.

While I truly appreciate all of the wonderful contributions that you all make here, I apparently need to make it clear that being a forum member does mean you shoot for AirshowStuff. You do not have permission to represent AirshowStuff or use the AirshowStuff name to request any sort of special access.

When you request credentials using our name, and then inevitably fail to deliver the coverage that a show expects, you hurt the reputation of the entire site and jeopardize everything we work so hard to maintain and improve. Please don't lie, cheat, and steal to get access - especially when it involves us.

Thank you to the vast majority of users who play by the rules. We are always in need of assistance on the site, and we do support credential requests for people who work with us closely enough to become part of the team. If you really want to get the special access, get to know us and fill in a role of need - we'll be happy to help you in return.
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